A disposable G string, hair net & clean feet is provided.

You can also tan without G string or with your own underwear whatever you feel comfortable with.

If you are breastfeeding I do recommend you wear a bra and we can work around it ensuring the nipple is not exposed to tan. You can also bring breast pads with you and stick them on.

Wiping your nipple after your tan session is also important incase there is overspray.

Blonde Gypsy Tan uses natural organic products which is safe for everyone but your health and safety as well as your babies is my priority, if you are pregnant statistically you are safe to tan I only recommend tanning your body avoiding the face. It is completely up to you and what your comfortable with.

Please have REALLY LOOSE top and pants preferably black NO TIGHTS  (if you are wanting to wear a dress a T-shirt dress is preferred as it sits flat on the body) handy for after your tan application and until you wash your tan off

Please bring thongs, try avoid putting shoes and socks on after tan session and take shoes off if possible when you get home.

Be prepared to not wear a bra after your session it will definitely create marks and will alter your result.

If it is raining at the time of your appointment wearing long loose pants and top is important including closed shoes until you get home, removing shoes is important to avoid marks around feet.

An umbrella or rain coat is very important. If it does rain on you then it is very likely that the rain will create dots and could alter the end result of your tan.

I do advise washing your hair either 24 hours before your tan session or 12 to 24 hours after you’ve rinsed your tan off.

DO NOT wash you hair when rinsing off your tan, this will definitely alter your results.

Shave or wax at least 24 to 48 hours before tan or you can shave the next day 12 hours after tan rinse off very lightly don’t press too hard or it could create lines.

If you’re getting your body waxed you need to ensure that ALL wax is removed, exfoliate with a glove or with a scrub but ensure that it is removed properly as this can interfere with your end result.

Laser appointments need to be at least 48 hours before your tan session. You will not be able to laser until tan is completely removed off the skin. 

Skin should be hydrated with moisturiser during the week and exfoliating when you can, especially on elbows and shins, they tend to get really dry. If your shins especially get really dry there is a possibility that the tan will stick to that area. Ensure to moisturise after first rinse off to help limit the dryness.

If you have old tan that is coming off you should try and scrub it off as much as you can as it will be visible when fresh spray tan is applied. 

Sun tan lines cannot be blended completely so be prepared for these lines to show when your spray tan has developed.

If your spray tanning every week or two tans in a row you should not scrub the tan unless it’s showing signs that it’s coming off thats the only time you should scrub otherwise we can just top up and freshen your tan up again.

Both manicure and pedicure appointments should be scheduled 48 hrs before your tan. If you don’t have the time and you plan to do it after you can get infills or a manicure and mention you’ve had a spray tan but NO spa pedicure.

Maybe consider getting just a buff and polish on your toes. Your tan is fresh if you get a spa pedicure after your tan session they will exfoliate it off.

Don’t stress if you love a fresh white manicure or pedicure, I will wipe both hands and feet nails to avoid discolouration of nails after tan is applied.